BNSF Railroad

Global Coal Sales has contractually secured long-term rail transportation capacity on the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad from Signal Peak Mine to Westshore Terminals.

Today's BNSF Railway is the product of some 390 different railroad lines that merged or were acquired during the past 160 years. BNSF became part of the Berkshire Hathaway family in 2010 and is the second largest rail carrier serving Westshore Terminals. BNSF serves the western two‐thirds of the United States as well as portions of Canada and key Mexican gateways with some 32,500 route miles (52,400 kilometers).

Routes to Westshore

Under the rail agreement with BNSF, Global Coal Sales moves coal from the Signal Peak Mine across a 36 mile (58 kilometer) rail line, owned by Global Rail Group, LLC, its affiliate. This Rail spur interconnects with the BNSF main-line in Broadview, Montana. From there the coal is transported approximately 1300 miles (~2100 kilometers) on a single-line haul west to Westshore Terminal.

Westshore Terminals